About the Foundation

The Jon Lee Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in April 2010.  After JonJam, several of us wanted to continue our efforts and give back to the physically disabled individuals in our community.  Our mission is helping people in the Wiregrass area with physical disabilities gain more independence, mobility, and a better quality of life.  With the projects we support, our mission is being accomplished. Several months prior to the very first JonJam, Jon went to LakeShore Foundation in Homewood, AL.  He actually smiled when he got home.  It's a facility with the best leisure activities in the city for able and disabled bodies.  It's a place that includes everyone of almost every sport and activity,  a training place for the paralympics,  people from all over the world.  That's when our visions started of what we could do in the Wiregrass for all the people living with these disabilities.  A happy place, a place of  joy and laughter, and activities for all.  Our long time goal being to mimic a smaller version of the LakeShore Foundation in Dothan minus the paralympics training site.  We knew this could take years....so, after several meetings with our friends at WRC, we began putting together The R.E.A.L (Refurbished Equipment Assisting Lives) Project.   The doors opened to The REAL Project in October 2010 at the Wiregrass Rehab Center  and Jon manages the center.  The STAR program helps aid this project through ADRS.   Since then, the project has helped over 800 people in the Wiregrass.  Jon is lending and receiving equipment every day.  This year any additional money raised over our commitment to The R.E.A.L. Project will go towards AMBUCS of the Wiregrass.  AMBUCS, a new organization to our community, is dedicated to helping provide greater independence and mobility to people with disabilities.  They provide Amtryke therapeutic tricycles to people that cannot operate a traditional bike.  Jon is also the manager of AMBUCS.  He along with several volunteers help put together these bikes after being fitted by specialized therapists.  Jon was given a bike and it is AWESOME to see him on it with all the kids that now have one.  One little girl can now write her name because she has been riding her bike and using her hands.  It is unbelievable what has come together with the help of so many people in our community.  We know this is just the beginning of  better serving the physically disabled people in the Wiregrass area!!

Thanks Everyone for ALL your continued support!!!  You are Truly Blessing Others!